TIme For A Body Detox – I need to cut back on Coffee

TIme For Shakeology Detox - I need to cut back on Coffee So it is official! I drink too much damn coffee. At least 4 cups/day. I am going to start a Shakeology Detox to get myself down to just 1 cup. I think that is reasonable. I don't even enjoy the crap coffee I drink at home. I just feel like I need it. Time to let it go! This is what my detox will be. I might lose a few lbs doing it. Most people lose a few. That is not the goal but I will take it if it happens. Wish me luck and no headaches! Shakeology Detox If anyone wants to join me, check out my Shakeology page.

Proud Beachbody Coach Today – Customer lost 20 lbs doing Ultimate Reset

Today I am so proud to be a Beachbody coach. One of my clients and dear friend has PCOS and struggles with her weight. Always has. I started her on the "Ultimate Reset" 21 days ago and as of today, she has lost 12 lbs and is ready to start her workouts. She fought so hard to stay true to the strict guidelines of the ultimate reset and she more than met her goal of losing 10 lbs. This is exactly why I became a Beachbody coach. I will probably cry the day she calls and tells me she is free of PCOS too.