I was challenged to a biggest loser contest and accepted

That's right. A young man I met on a flyaway trip home from the airport, 10 years younger than me, straight up challenged me to try and lose more fat % than him. Here I am, a beachbody coach, and this kid called me out. So I have accepted and went the next step. I created a challenge group on Facebook and am inviting anyone that wants to accept the same challenge. So visit my facebook (jenngraham57) and join the group. It will be 60 days of checking in and burning it up.  You can always visit my challenge pack page for the beachbody challenge pack options. (jenngraham57.com) Let me know if you want me to set you up with a workout plan and lets show this kid whats up.

Working Out to Chalean Extreme

My latest workout routine is Chalean Extreme. I am working to build muscle because muscle burns fat and helps to keep you thin. I use weights up to 15 lbs for upper body work and up to 25 lbs free weights in each hand for lower body work. This is a slower pace workout but there are some cardio videos too. I am about to finish the first 4 weeks which is the Burn Phase!