I take FREE clothes all day long

Not only do I refuse to spend more than $7 on a pair of jeans, I take FREE all day long. A good friend of mine wears the exact same size as me but she is a little more height challenged than me. So those extra inches got me a pair of jeans that fit perfect with my $5 Jessica Simpson heels. That's right, I absolutely shop at the good will. This started while I was losing weight and needed new work pants and refused to pay $60 for work jeans that I wouldn't fit in a few months because I was still losing weight. I started by getting work jeans at Walmart or Target but they were cheap, still cost $25, and fell apart. I wear workbooks as an engineer and am kinda tough with my work jeans. They need to be able to stand my job so I figured I would check out the good will. I found tons of jeans of really great quality. I am talking brands like: express, true religion, blue cult, Abercrombie, seven, etc. Anyone who knows clothes knows those range from $70-$300. All of a sudden my work jeans were cuter than my weekend jeans. Then the light came on! I have blown a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and really have nothing to show for it. I was done! My affair with the mall is DONE!




Do’s and Don’ts with PCOS & Infertility Diet

Nutrition : Dos and Don’ts for PCOS and Infertility

Changing eating habits and getting more exercise helps to manage PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Five to 10 percent of young women have this hormonal disorder. Women with PCOS often have insulin resistance resulting in too much insulin in the blood. Excess insulin has been related to an increase in production of androgen, a male hormone made in fat cells, ovaries and adrenal glands. The result being a combination of the following symptoms!
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs or toes
  • Acne, oily skin and dandruff
  • Weight gain
  • Weakness or excess hunger
  • Hair loss
  • Infertility because of lack of ovulation
  • Depression due to appearance and/or infertility…
Diet for PCOS Changing eating habits and getting more exercise helps to manage PCOS. By just losing 5-10 percent of weight you can get normal menstrual cycles, regulate blood sugar, and increase chances of conceiving a baby. HOW TO DO IT ? Eat more whole-grain foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese or yogurt. If you are up for it, quit drinking milk all together and switch to UN-sweetened almond milk or coconut milk. These foods help lower your blood sugar, improve your body’s use of insulin and normalize hormone levels. Important diet tips for PCOS and Infertility:
  • Don’t skip meals. Eat three major meals with snacks in between.
  • Change the composition of each meal by including fruit and vegetable
  • A protein source in every meal is a must. Protein sources include egg whites, lean meat, fish, nuts, whole grains, low fat cheese and whey protein. This is where you will get your essential fats. Believe it or not your body NEEDS fat.
  • Get regular physical activity , it will alleviate many symptoms of PCOS and improves lean mass in the body.
  • Take a prenatal or multi vitamin.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of Caffeine.
  • Avoid Soy!! It mimics estrogen and the goal is to regulate hormones, not jack them up.
FertilityDietInfoGraph   Regulating your hormones naturally and correcting infertility is no easy battle. Click here to hear my own journey with PCOS and how I reversed it.  

Las Vegas fitness Convention “Summit” was amazing

My trip to Las Vegas for the Beachbody Event "Summit" was amazing. Over 7,000 coaches attended the event. I have never been surrounded by so many amazing people at one time. All like minded with a love for fitness and helping others find the same passion. I got to meet the other coaches on my team and dance the night away at the elegant white party and after party on our last night. My feet totally hurt after! And as promised to myself, met my favorite Beachbody trainers Leandro Carvalho and Chalean Johnson. I think the highlight was working out in the MGM backlot with 7,000 other coaches! It was such a crazy view. People started dropping like flies an hour into the workout. But I pushed on through. I just ate it all up! Can't wait to find more amazing people to add to my team and take them next year! Great Weekend! See what it takes to be part of the Bombshell Dynasty. 20130625-162545.jpg 20130625-162555.jpg 20130625-162601.jpg 20130625-162639.jpg 20130625-162725.jpg

Go Heavy or Go Home

I am back home from Vegas and starting the lean phase of Chalean Extreme....Again. 2 weekends out of town threw me off course so I am starting this phase over. I can really see that I have gained a lot of muscle. Especially my deltoids. The triceps still have some fluff which I expect to go away during the lean phase. I am recommitting to drinking my shakeology 2 times/day and eating a lot of lean protein. I am eating like a ravenous dog and feel famished every 2 hours. It is crazy how hungry you get when you are lifting heavy weights. In fact, I am going to eat right now!



Beer Bloat Gone After 4 days

It is the morning if day 4 after my wild weekend of drinking at the lake. This is a picture of me doing 12 oz curls last weekend. That's all the exercise I got. I have felt tired and just bloated all over ever since Sunday morning. I figure that I have lost about a pound of water every day since I stopped drinking late Saturday night. Since I have set myself back, I am adding a week to my lean phase of Chalean Extreme so I can see the results I am expecting. And I am pretty sure I made zero progress on getting my abs to show before I leave to Vegas for my beachbody conference on Thursday, total bummer! But it will still be a blast and I got two super fun dresses. Pictures to come. Off to work I go!


Beer Bloat set back my progress

So this was my first workout after a long weekend of partying at the lake. I am immediately reminded of why I don't drink heavily anymore. I was literally 5 lbs heavier this morning and feel like a water buffalo. I sweat out two lbs during this workout. The two day headache is finally gone and I am back to my normal routine. I am still a few lbs heavier than normal. It will literally take almost three days to get back to where I was last Friday. I feel like I lost a week but getting right back on the wagon. I guess it is good to remind myself why I choose to eat healthy and workout. It makes me feel DAMN GOOD!


Have PCOS? – Is Fruit Your Friend?

Of course Fruit is good for you. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That being said, women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) must be cautious when eating fruit. This is because we usually have insulin resistance or some type of blood sugar issue like hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes or diabetes. Fruit is an important part of our diets, but eating it frequently and in large portions can spike blood sugar levels which cause the body to produce too much insulin (which can lead to insulin resistance and other health conditions over time). This is due to the fact that the body quickly uses up the sugar (fructose) found in fruit – that’s why it’s known as a “simple carb.” Simple carbs give you energy quickly and then the "avalanche effect" sets in. So eat fruit in moderation. PCOS and diet changes Here are some pointers for eating fruit if you have PCOS:
  1. Eat fruits low on the Glycemic Index (www.glycemicindex.com). You want to choose foods with a number lower than 50. These fruits will have a slower-digesting effect on your body, thus producing less insulin when consuming and keeping blood sugar levels steady. These foods include apples, berries, kiwis, etc. Avoid melon fruit varieties.
  2. Eat fruits before noon (12:00pm) or 1:00pm at the latest. The earlier you eat fruits, the more readily your body will use up their energy. You may find that eating fruit later in the day will cause your blood sugar to spike, thus causing fatigue and, worst of all, food cravings. If you have ever had mid-night cravings, you know what I am talking about.
  3. Always eat fruit with some form of a protein. Never, ever eat fruit alone! I like to mix a bag of berries with nuts (walnuts or almonds).
So at the end of the day, yes fruit is your friend but in moderation and when paired with protein. So don't swear off fruit just be mindful of how much and when you eat it. There are so many benefits of fruit, we just need to make sure the dis benefits are kept in check. Check out some of my personal recipes on my nutrition page.

Stepping up the workout with 10 LB ankle weights

I have decided that I will stick to my Chalean Extreme workout but that I will do one of my Brazilian Butt Lift videos on my days off. This way I get all the workouts I need to meet my final goal. Chalean takes care of my upper body, arms, quads, and hamstrings. Brazilian Butt Lift hits all the female trouble zones like lifting the butt, saddle bags, and inner thighs. I think this hybrid workout is my new favorite.




Diet is 90% of any weight loss program

As a Beachbody coach I preach all the time to friends, family, and customers about the importance of diet. I know that diet is 90% of any weight loss program and yet, I have not been 100% on my own diet. I am going to Vegas in a few weeks and would like to be able to see the abs I know are buried under a thin layer if what I call fluff. It is not a lot but I know it will take serious dedication on my part to really nail my diet and not have so many "cheat days". I have found that I am able to maintain my exact weight and still eat a lot of what I want because I exercise. But if I want the abs, I need to get back on the diet wagon. So I am sharing what my abs look like now and will share my progress right before I go to Vegas on June 19th. That means I will stick to my Shakeology and cut all grain carbs out of dinner. And cheese, my dear friend, you have to go too. Parting is such sweet sorrow but its only for a few weeks. This can be done! Wish me luck! You can view my whole transformation here. 20130605-221615.jpg 20130605-221626.jpg