Tiny Steps Done Consistently Are What it Takes to Reach Goals

steps Just put your head down and focus on the little things. 1. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day. 2. Eat 5-6 small meals each day with a complex carb and lean protein at each meal. 3. Every workout you do, bring your A game. One more rep, one more push up, heavier weights, focus and engage your core. It makes a difference. 4. Tracking your food, keep a journal. That handful of pretzels here or that bite of cake there makes a difference. 5. Schedule your cheat meal, once per week and keep it at that! Its the sum of all these small efforts that bring about the biggest change. It's not just doing it for 1 week and expecting a transformation, but it's over the course of 3 months that you see the most dramatic results when you stick with these tips and more!

Diet and Exercise cured my Alcoholism

exercise and alcohol I do not like reflecting back on the person I used to be because it reminds me of the pain present in my life at that time. I was very depressed for years and was actually unaware I was so unhappy. Perhaps it is because the pain went back so far that I never knew what real happiness was like. My father decided when I was very young that he simply did not love me or my sister any more and took a new wife and new family. I pretended for years that it did not bother me; yet when I would drink, which was often starting at age 12, I would let it all out.  I frequently would blackout. I thought blackouts were normal and just part of drinking. I usually ended up crying hysterically over something and had little to no recollection the next day. I met my husband when I was 15 and that is what he saw every time I drank. It was never really fun and yet I always seemed to get so excited to pack the ice chest for a camping trip and spend days recovering when I got home. I was absolutely incapable of just having a few drinks. I was completely unaware I was self medicating. Later, in my 20's, I saw that my marriage was falling apart and I recognized just how miserable I really was. I had gained so much weight and felt ugly inside and outside. When I finally committed, lets say 90%, to my health I started to notice a change in myself. By starting to exercise, monitoring my diet, and quitting the heavy drinking my body started to change. Now yes there was dramatic physical changes taking place but the more important and life altering changes were taking place in my mind. I was more relaxed and less stressed. The exercise was releasing a lot of the negative energy. I started to view myself differently and the people I was surrounding myself with. As I was ridding my body of toxins, I started ridding my life of toxic people. The more healthy I got, the more I recognized how unhealthy my relationships were. I started spending my time with other healthy people. And by other healthy people, I don't mean gym rats. I was meeting people that made healthy decisions for themselves and families. They were just better people than what I was accustomed to. And I truly enjoyed their company. As my life and the people in it was transforming, I noticed that when I would drink, I did not seem to binge any more. I was mentally telling myself I didn't want to be hung over during my workout the next day. One day I actually drank too much and forced myself to do my insanity workout the next morning because I refused to fail on following my workout calendar. I swear I damn near died. I had to stop the workout DVD 5 times to throw up. But I finished it! I felt it was my way of punishing myself for being stupid and drinking too much.  If you have ever tried to workout hung over, you know what I am talking about. It was horrible. I was sweating Bacardi. The lesson I learned is that alcoholism and working out or sports just do not mix. You cannot perform at your best, or perform at all pending how hung over you are. This was a pivotal moment in my life. I exchanged my binge drinking for working out. It was the best choice I have ever made.  I reached my fitness goals, rid my life of toxic people, rid my body of toxins, reversed my PCOS, and repaired my broken marriage. I made the changes that changed my life! I am now a Beachbody coach and help others to make the same changes in their own lives! We all deserve true happiness, but sometimes just need to be shown how to find it.

Reduce PCOS symptoms naturally

Image New research has shown that diet and exercise have different effects on PCOS-linked weight. For four months, Karolinska University in Sweden put 57 overweight PCOS women on a supervised diet, a supervised exercise program, or both. On average, their body mass index (weight) was reduced 6% by the diet program, 3% by the exercise and 5% by the combined diet and exercise. But there was a distinction as to where the body fat was lost. Lower body fat and lean body mass were decreased in the dietary group, whereas upper body fat was reduced and muscle mass maintained by exercise alone. In other words, a healthier diet reduced lower body fat while exercise reduced upper body fat. Amazingly, 69% of the women had a significantly improved menstrual pattern while 34% of the women ovulated, regardless of whether they did diet alone, exercise alone, or did both. Plus, they didn't have to resort to drugs like birth control pills or metformin. Best of all, the women were able to maintain their lower weight and better monthly cycles for several years after the program ended. The message seems to be that if you want to improve your monthly cycle and shed fat, you should start a healthier diet. Or you can exercise. Either one. Or, you can do both! I strongly suggest starting with the diet aspect. 90% of the effort required to reverse PCOS is diet. You can exercises for hours every day but if you continue to eat processed carbs and sugar, your progress will be minimal. The main thing is just to get started and BE THE CHANGE! I have reversed my own PCOS symptoms with the support of the beachbody community. See my story. It was a long and hard road. I had lots of cheat days.... who am I kidding, I had cheat weeks! But I always got back on the wagon. Nothing worth while is ever easy. I got down on myself at times and felt that if I had another ultrasound where my ovaries looked like grapes, I would scream!!!!! But the day finally came when I had a single mature follicle. It took almost a year to change my lifestyle. I found that the key was not doing it alone. It is easy to get sidetracked when you are only counting on yourself not to fail. Having a community of people supporting me was key. Now I am a leader in that community helping others with the same struggle. It can be done. So, where will you get started or take your lifestyle plan to the next level? Let me know how I can help Smooches, Coach Jenn Graham

Hot heels at a steal of a deal

Today was a great day at the good will. I found two lovely pairs of heels that fit perfect and are super comfortable. And you can't beat the price I paid just $10 each, woohoo! I totally scored. Love my bargain shopping. I picked then up at the goodwill on Beverly in West LA. I figured Out that the trick is to go to the Goodwill's in expensive neighborhoods. Everybody gives to the goodwill and if you want to get good stuff you got to go where the good stuff gets dropped off.



My Fitness Team is kicking serious Butt – Love My Bombshells

This has been a great week for me and my Bombshell team! I rank advanced from Emerald coach to Ruby coach. I have been a beachbody coach for 3 months and Diamond is right around the corner. Jenn is Ruby Even more exciting is that my coach Sarah rank advanced to Emerald Coach. I am so proud of her. Sarah has been a coach for a month and is already building a great business. Her push for success and drive are inspiring. Sarah Emerald I have some serious leaders on my team that are really making things happen. I love my bombshells and the support we get from our up-line diamonds is amazing. Lindsay's coaches Moving forward I am focusing on following in the footsteps of my up-line coach Kati and on the constant lookout for potential Bomshells. Star

P-Doggy X is getting my pup Oliver in Shape

A visit to the vet proved to be a bad day for my dog Oliver. He is officially 20 lbs overweight. This is a particularly big problem because Oliver has hip dysplasia, diagnosed at 9 months old, and two torn ACL's which require surgery. I am willing to do the surgery but the vet says that the excess weight will make recovery more difficult. All that weight on a new pair of knees is not good. So I started walking Oliver and had a genius idea, P-Doggy 90 Challenge group! I do challenge groups for people so why not dogs. Oliver is starting his transformation at 90 lbs and has tons of support from the fellow challengers. Some of the challengers are just participating because they already walk their dogs but want to show support. We will take all the love and support they want to give. This will not be easy but totally possible. Ollie will be in shape in no time!



There is no age limit to workout

For Mother's Day I bought my mom a Slim in 6 Challenge Pack which included the Slim in 6 workout DVD's, Shakeology, and a nutrition guide. She has since lost 3 inches around her waste and can Kayak 4 times farther than she could before. She is 56 years old and this is her first time doing strength training. She happens to be in town visiting and did a Chalean Extreme workout with me. I looked over and was shocked to see her doing push-ups on her toes just like me. I told her she could get on her knees and she said "it's ok, I can do it this way". GO MOM! So there is no age excuses allowed! People of all ages benefit from strength training.