There are two times when a woman can gain Fat Cells

Did you know that there are two times in your life when you gain fat cells? I do not mean gain weight by filling fat cells, I mean actually acquiring additional cells which increases the amount of fat you can potentially store. These two times are when you are a child and when you are pregnant. both gain fat Ironically, it is when women are pregnant that they are the most likely to over eat. We simply say we are "Eating For 2". Well news flash, you are eating for like 1.2 people. That tiny person inside does not need its own 8 ounce steak and baked potato. In fact, a pregnant mother only really needs around 350-450 extra calories per day to support a growing fetus. Yet many women will give in to the temptation of excess food because there is an idea that it's ok because "I am pregnant". What they usually do not know is that they are not only packing on baby fat, they are adding additional fat cells and they will NEVER go away. You can lose fat, but the cells are with you for life. The other instance when we as humans develop fat cells is as children while we are developing. It is for this reason that childhood obesity is becoming such a problem. Many parents tell themselves that their child will grow into the extra pounds and struggle to say no when their child is crying for junk food. It is so much easier to just give in. What they do not realize is that they are allowing their child to gain extra fat cells. The extra cells will make weight gain more of an issue for the rest of the child's life. Again, any excess cells gained during this period are with you FOREVER. Thus making the likelihood of diabetes as an adult more likely. fat-cells This is all information I was shocked to hear and being that I am so informed when it comes to health and fitness and yet I did not know, I am compelled to share. Information is power so please share this. You may make post par-tum weight loss a lot easier for a future mommy out there or help a parent do what is best for their child. Saying no is hard but knowing that they are making their adult life better makes it easier.

Everyone has a trouble spot they focus on

Hakuna Mas Everyone has an area that they focus on and can't help but be borderline obsessed with. If its your thighs, then no matter how awesome your abs look, all you will see is the extra fat between your thighs or the fat above your knee caps. For me, it is definitely my legs and arms that I focus on. Nothing is more upsetting to me than putting on a shirt and it being too tight around the arms. You know what I am talking about, where your arms looks like a sausage being strangled. Yuck!!! None the less, I have had glorious arms in the past doing a workout called Chalean Extreme and over the past 8 months completely let myself go. My sexy arms are unfortunately gone.  Here is a snapshot of my arms 8 months ago.....sigh..... 🙁 But I am back on the Extreme Train and two weeks into the program. I take weekly photos of my arms because I am dying to see some change. I shared this photo on my Facebook while sharing that while I don't see the change yet, I know it is coming. I don't see change in my arms at all but everyone kept saying "Holy cow Jenn, look at your stomach though". 2 week progress I was soooo focused on my arms that I did not take a week one photo but quickly ran and took a week 2 photo of my abs and they were totally right. Check it out!!!! stomach The change is not huge but its totally there. I can see it!!!! So what has this taught me? It has taught me not to be so focused on just one thing. Women do this all the time with their weight but don't stop to measure themselves. They can literally be shedding tons of fat but since they are gaining muscle, the scale does not budge. Moving forward, I will look at everything and be grateful that change is coming. Maybe not as quickly as I would like or in the exact area that I would like just yet but its coming and in time, I will have my sexy arms and legs.