21 Day Fix Meal Plan with PCOS

One of the most popular meal plans on the market right now is The 21 Day Fix. Its popular because it really nails down and simplifies meal planning and portion control. This program is awesome and as a Beachbody Coach, I absolutely back it. However, many women with PCOS are still struggling to lose weight with this program and its because it allows some freedoms that work fine for women with normally functioning hormones but for us Cysters, we need some restrictions. This is a glimpse of how the calorie intake is calculated taken from both the workout 22 Minute Hard Corps and The 21 Day Fix. Either method works great for calculating your calorie intake. Once you have your allocated calorie intake, the next thing you take note of is the 21 Day Fix-Approved Shopping list. Well this list may be Fix approved but not all items on the list are PCOS approved. I have taken the liberty of crossing out the items on the shopping list that you should avoid when trying to reverse your PCOS symptoms. I have also included a little cheat sheet with some great tips to maximize results. Feel free to save this pic to your phone so you can reference back to it easily. Jenn 21 Day Fix Rules 3 Rules Explained.... Rule 1) Do not eat a yellow or purple container unless also eating a red or blue (nut variety) container. This is rule 1 because it is the most important. Fruit and Grains are broken down in the body as sugar. This sugar is then available to be used as energy but with PCOS it is entirely too much sugar and therefore causes a spike in insulin. NO BUENO! So to help counter this blood sugar spike, combining these foods with a source of protein helps to break the sugar down and causes less of a spike. Rule 2) Do not exceed 2 yellow containers in a single day regardless of calorie intake. This follows my "1 Cup Rule" which limits carbs from grains to a single cup per day. So for women that fall into a calorie plan that allows more than 2 yellow containers per day, I suggest substituting  additional yellows with green. Veggies have carbs but are not going to spike your blood sugar like grains will. 🙂 Rule 3) Do not exceed 2 purple containers in a single day regardless of calorie intake. To be clear up front, fruit is very good for you. Its loaded with tons on nutrients which you NEED but it also has a lot of sugar which you don't need. So for women that fall into a calorie plan that allows more than 2 purple containers per day, I suggest substituting additional purples with blue. Blues are your fat sources and actually very necessary when you are lowering your carb intake so make sure to get adequate healthy fats. This works great for me since I love hummus and avocado. One happy girl right here 🙂 Lastly, the trick of figuring out when to eat which containers and how to spread them out throughout the day. Let me help you a little here. There are some more restrictions that you should follow with PCOS and Tony Horton nailed them with his meal plans from 22 Minute Hard Corps so I am just going to share that with you here. Again, feel free to save this to your phone for easy reference. Meal-Plan The main things that Tony totally nailed with the way he laid out the different meal plans are:
  1. All purple containers (fruit) are consumed before noon (lunch)  - BRAVO Tony Horton
  2. Every yellow or purple container is ALWAYS paired with either a red or blue container. (I explained this earlier)
  3. The last yellow container (grains) is consumed with lunch. Excellent!!!! Do not eat carbs after lunch. Notice how he keeps all sources of food that can spike blood sugar early in the day?
  4. Dinner is red and green containers (protein and veggie) with some oil. Dinner is actually the meal that you need the least amount of energy from because you are going to bed so keep it lite.
This has been a lot of info but once you have read it, you can simply save a few pics and march on. This meal plan is popular because it works. Sometimes something great just needs a few tweaks. Please share with anyone that could use the help and if you do not already have a Beachbody Coach, I would love to be your coach. Shoot me a friend request and message on Facebook and lets get you on track.  (Find me on Facebook)