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21 Day Fix Meal Plan with PCOS

One of the most popular meal plans on the market right now is The 21 Day Fix. Its popular because it really nails down and simplifies meal planning and portion control. This program is awesome and as a Beachbody Coach, I absolutely back it. However, many women with PCOS are still struggling to lose weight with this program and its because it allows some freedoms that work fine for women with normally functioning hormones but for us Cysters, we need some restrictions. This is a glimpse of how the calorie intake is calculated taken from both the workout 22 Minute Hard Corps and The 21 Day Fix. Either method works great for calculating your calorie intake. Once you have your allocated calorie intake, the next thing you take note of is the 21 Day Fix-Approved Shopping list. Well this list may be Fix approved but not all items on the list are PCOS approved. I have taken the liberty of crossing out the items on the shopping list that you should avoid when trying to reverse your PCOS symptoms. I have also included a little cheat sheet with some great tips to maximize results. Feel free to save this pic to your phone so you can reference back to it easily. Jenn 21 Day Fix Rules 3 Rules Explained.... Rule 1) Do not eat a yellow or purple container unless also eating a red or blue (nut variety) container. This is rule 1 because it is the most important. Fruit and Grains are broken down in the body as sugar. This sugar is then available to be used as energy but with PCOS it is entirely too much sugar and therefore causes a spike in insulin. NO BUENO! So to help counter this blood sugar spike, combining these foods with a source of protein helps to break the sugar down and causes less of a spike. Rule 2) Do not exceed 2 yellow containers in a single day regardless of calorie intake. This follows my "1 Cup Rule" which limits carbs from grains to a single cup per day. So for women that fall into a calorie plan that allows more than 2 yellow containers per day, I suggest substituting  additional yellows with green. Veggies have carbs but are not going to spike your blood sugar like grains will. 🙂 Rule 3) Do not exceed 2 purple containers in a single day regardless of calorie intake. To be clear up front, fruit is very good for you. Its loaded with tons on nutrients which you NEED but it also has a lot of sugar which you don't need. So for women that fall into a calorie plan that allows more than 2 purple containers per day, I suggest substituting additional purples with blue. Blues are your fat sources and actually very necessary when you are lowering your carb intake so make sure to get adequate healthy fats. This works great for me since I love hummus and avocado. One happy girl right here 🙂 Lastly, the trick of figuring out when to eat which containers and how to spread them out throughout the day. Let me help you a little here. There are some more restrictions that you should follow with PCOS and Tony Horton nailed them with his meal plans from 22 Minute Hard Corps so I am just going to share that with you here. Again, feel free to save this to your phone for easy reference. Meal-Plan The main things that Tony totally nailed with the way he laid out the different meal plans are:
  1. All purple containers (fruit) are consumed before noon (lunch)  - BRAVO Tony Horton
  2. Every yellow or purple container is ALWAYS paired with either a red or blue container. (I explained this earlier)
  3. The last yellow container (grains) is consumed with lunch. Excellent!!!! Do not eat carbs after lunch. Notice how he keeps all sources of food that can spike blood sugar early in the day?
  4. Dinner is red and green containers (protein and veggie) with some oil. Dinner is actually the meal that you need the least amount of energy from because you are going to bed so keep it lite.
This has been a lot of info but once you have read it, you can simply save a few pics and march on. This meal plan is popular because it works. Sometimes something great just needs a few tweaks. Please share with anyone that could use the help and if you do not already have a Beachbody Coach, I would love to be your coach. Shoot me a friend request and message on Facebook and lets get you on track.  (Find me on Facebook)

Turbo Fire 5 Day Meal Plan – Quick Start

Turbo2 This is the 5 day jump start diet that comes with the TurboFire workout program! This diet plan is meant to be followed for no more than 5 days. This is going to get you focused and on point with your diet and shed some immediate pounds! Beverage Rules:
  • Stay hydrated, no less than 64 oz. of water a day, I recommend around 100.
  • You are allowed one cup of coffee per day max and one cup of tea keep sugar to a minimum and use only nonfat dairy/creamer.
  • You have to drink oneShakeology shake per day. I recommend you add 12-16 oz. of water to each packet, you may break these up into multiple shakes per day as long as they are not skipped.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol, juice, soda or sports drinks! No, not even one.
 Food Rules:
  • There are no cheat days on this diet plan, so no cheating. It is time to get serious.
  • Vegetarians are more than welcome to substitute an equal calorie item with the same amount of protein for any meat items.
  • Do your best to follow this, if you don’t have strawberries but you have raspberries, go ahead, no one is going to call the berry police, but if you are in doubt…you shouldn’t eat it.
  • If you are hungry some great fillers are fiber and wheat grass and of course trusty old water!
 Day 1 Breakfast: Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich 1 slice low fat turkey bacon 2 slices whole wheat toast 1 egg, scrambled or poached 1/2 tomato sliced Snack 1 1/2 medium banana 7 walnut halves Lunch: Tuna Salad 3 cups of mixed greens 4 oz. water-packed tuna (drained) 5 cherry tomatoes 1 stalk chopped celery 3 scallions diced 2 Tbsp. fat-free ranch dressing 1 cup of green tea Snack 2 One serving Shakeology 8-16 oz. water 1/2 tbsp. almond butter Mix in blender with ice Dinner: Honey Dijon Chicken w/ Steamed Garlic-Parmesan Broccoli Four 6 oz. chicken breast halves 1/3 cup Dijon mustard 3 Tbsp. honey 1 Tbsp. parsley flakes, salt to taste 4 cups broccoli 4 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese, garlic salt to taste Directions: Mix Dijon mustard with honey, add parsley flakes and salt. Coat a 6oz chicken breast half in the mixture. Cook on a grill for about 7 minutes on each side (or until fully cooked). Steam 4 cups of frozen or fresh broccoli and top with 1 Tbsp. olive oil, 2 tsp. garlic salt and 4 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese. Makes 4 servings. Day 1 Nutrient Count:
  • Calories: 1,183
  • Total Fat: 41 g
  • Protein: 107 g
  • Carbs: 101 g
  • Fiber: 16.5 g
Day 2 Breakfast: Melon and Yogurt 6 oz. low-fat strawberry yogurt 3/4 cup cubed cantaloupe 1 tsp. honey Snack 1 Shakeology 8-16 oz. water 2 tsp. peanut butter Mix in blender Lunch: Turkey Avocado Wrap 3 slices turkey breast (4oz) 1 whole wheat tortilla 1/2 tomato diced 1/4 avocado sliced 3 lettuce leaves or a handful of mixed greens 1 Tbsp. nonfat Italian dressing Snack 2 1 Tbsp. peanut butter, spread across 2 celery sticks Top with 15 raisins. Dinner: Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with Ginger Rice and Bok Choy Two 4 oz. pieces of wild salmon, without skin 3 Tbsp. teriyaki marinade or sauce 2 pineapple rings 1 garlic clove 1 medium head of bok choy 1/2 tsp. sesame oil 1/3 cup of brown rice 1 tsp. powdered ginger Directions: Marinate the salmon in teriyaki overnight, or for an hour before grilling. Grill the salmon for 5 minutes on each side. Place pineapple slices on the grill for 2 minutes and sear. Add rice, 2/3 cup of water, and 1 tsp. powdered ginger into a rice cooker or saucepan. Cook on low heat until rice is tender. Meanwhile, spritz nonstick cooking spray and 1/2 tsp. sesame oil into frying pan. Sauté 1 garlic clove and the bok choy until soft, yet still crisp. Day 2 Nutrient Count
  • Calories: 1,193
  • Total Fat: 33 g
  • Protein: 79 g
  • Carbs: 155 g
  • Fiber: 15 g
  Day 3 Breakfast: Pineapple and Cottage Cheese 8-16 oz. low-fat cottage cheese 2 pineapple rings, canned in juice, drained or fresh Snack 1 1 zucchini, cut lengthwise 1 large carrot, cut into spears 2 Tbsp. nonfat ranch dressing Lunch: Loaded Baked Potato 1 medium baked potato 1 Tbsp. low-fat sour cream 1 scallion diced 1 slice of turkey bacon, cooked and crumbled 1 slice of low-fat cheese Snack 2 1/2 cup of strawberries Shakeology 1 cup nonfat milk (almond or soy is acceptable) Add water to taste Dinner: Chicken Tacos with Beans and Quinoa Two 6-oz. chicken breasts, grilled and then diced 5 Tbsp. pico de gallo 1Tbsp. low-fat sour cream 4 small whole wheat flour tortillas 1/2 avocado peeled and sliced 5 sprigs fresh cilantro 2 cups of black beans cooked, 2 1/2 cups of quinoa cooked Directions: Assemble chicken taco ingredients on tortillas. Top with avocado slices. Serve with 1/2 cup of black beans and 1/3 cup of cooked quinoa, seasoned with cilantro, salt and pepper. Makes 4 servings. Day 3 Nutrient Count
  • Calories: 1,211
  • Total Fat: 17.5 g
  • Protein: 101 g
  • Carbs: 164 g
  • Fiber: 25.5 g
 Day 4 Breakfast: Pb & Banana Shakeology 1/2 medium banana 2 tsp. peanut butter 1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology 8-16 oz. water, ice as needed Snack 1 1 medium apple 1 Tbsp. almond butter Lunch: Egg salad Wrap 2 hard-boiled eggs, yolk removed from one 1/4 cup of low-fat cottage cheese Whole wheat tortilla 1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp. of either dried dill or tarragon, salt and pepper to taste Directions: Chop up hard-boiled eggs and mix with cottage cheese, mustard, salt, pepper, and herbs. Place onto tortilla and wrap up. Serve with 2 cups mixed greens, 1 sliced Roma tomato, and 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar. Toss all ingredients. Snack 2 10 raw almonds, 1 medium orange Dinner: Steak, Spinach and Baked Potato Two 4 oz. grass fed beef steaks – Lean cuts like loin, flank, or skirt 1 Tbsp. soy sauce 1 Tbsp. black pepper 1 garlic clove, crushed for the marinade, red pepper flakes (optional) 12 oz. bag of fresh chopped spinach 1 garlic crushed clove 3 Tbsp. low-fat sour cream 2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese 1 medium baked potato cut in half Directions: Marinate steak an hour before grilling or overnight, in soy sauce, black pepper, crushed garlic, and red pepper flakes (optional). Grill steak to desired doneness. For the spinach, cook in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of water, stirring often. After 3 minutes of simmering, add sour cream, garlic, and Parmesan. Cook for another 2 minutes. Serve steak and spinach with 1/2 of a baked potato. Day 4 Nutrient Count
  • Calories: 1202
  • Total Fat: 43 g
  • Protein: 86 g
  • Carbs: 135 g
  • Fiber: 22 g
Day 5 Breakfast: Strawberry Waffle and Sausage 1 whole wheat waffle 1 tsp. strawberry preserves 2 turkey sausage link Snack 1 1/2 medium banana 1/2 cup nonfat milk 1 scoop Shakeology 1/2 cup of water, ice as needed Lunch: Chicken and Hummus Pita 3 oz. broiled or grilled chicken, sliced thinly 1 Tbsp. hummus 1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts 2 slices of tomato 3 slices of cucumber 1/2 6-inchwhole wheat pita Salad: mixed greens, 1 carrot, 1 celery, tsp. balsamic vinegar Directions: Assemble all ingredients inside the pita. Serve with a small green salad of two cups lettuce topped with 1 shredded carrot and 1 diced celery stalk. For dressing, use 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar or bottled low-calorie dressing. Snack 2 1 cucumber 1 red bell pepper cut into slices 1 oz. low-fat cheddar cheese Dinner: Rosemary Pork Chop with Peas and Wild Rice Two 4oz. pieces lean, boneless pork loin chop, 2 Tbsp. rosemary 1/2 tsp. olive oil 1 cup peas 1/3 cup wild rice Directions: Marinate pork chops in rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper. Broil or grill the pork. Serve with cooked wild rice and steamed peas. Day 5 Nutrient Count
  • Calories: 1,190
  • Total Fat 32 g
  • Protein: 102 g
  • Carbs: 132 g
  • Fiber: 19 g

Shakeology & Beachbody Coaching Compensation Plan

I am often asked to break down the compensation plan through Beachbody and since I'm sure other people are wondering the same thing, I'll spell it out below.  (It's pretty awesome) Everyone's goals can be different, some coaches are only in the business to earn a discount on Shakeology or even get it for free each month (My paycheck has covered the cost of Shakeology and any fitness programs I order since I started with Beachbody) Here's the breakdown for what it costs to become a coach and how much you can earn. The sign up cost is $39.95 - this includes your first month's business fees and business tools you get sent in the mail. If you sign up for a Challenge Pack this fee is waived.  A Challenge Pack is your choice of Shakeology and a fitness program together.  This fee is also waived/reimbursed for Active Military and their spouses. If you are a customer who's purchased a Challenge pack and you become a coach you can get reimbursed for that also. The only mandatory on-going cost is a monthly $15.95 - this covers everything from taking, processing, shipping orders, doing the accounting, customer service ect ect. (Plus you save $32.00 on your Shakeology each month when you become a coach so it is still cheaper to be a coach rather than signing up as a customer) How do you make money? As a coach you earn a 25% commission off anything purchased through your Beachbody sites.  The commission you earn depends on the product.  A bag of Shakeology is about a $32.00 commission, a Challenge Pack commission could be $40 - $100.  If you have two challengers join a Challenge with one of the cheaper  Challenge packs you could earn over $100.   Customers will also often choose auto-ship for Shakeology so they continue to feel amazing but you also continue to earn on it monthly. You get the shakeology commission each month when their order ships. Post 12 The great thing about the Shakeology commission is that it is not earned by building a team but by helping others get healthy and maintaining them as happy customers.  As your customers see their results they will also want to pass the love forward by helping friends and family.  This is a business of sharing and as your friends and team share and invite new customers and coaches, you'll start to build a residual team volume income. This is where you start to see a significant growth of income in the form of cycle bonuses. Team bonus cycles can go from $12 - $12,000 a week depending on your rank and volume.  Here's a great video breaking it down.. An Emerald Coach earns $12.00 per cycle bonus A Ruby Coach earns $16.00 per cycle bonus A Diamond Coach earns $18.00 per cycle bonus Here is the breakdown of earnings based on rank and averages.  This comes from the Team Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach earnings for the year ending in 2012 (it was the latest one I could find) Emerald: Low earnings: $14 Average: $3,353 High Earnings: $261,621 Ruby: Low Earnings: $1,869 Average: $11,011 High: $62,840 Diamond: Low earnings: $212 Average earnings: $18,175 High: $136,818 Star Diamond: Low earnings: $1,299 Average earnings: $90,746 High Earnings: $1,645,484 Believe it or not what sold me on the business was the discount on Shakeology but what keeps me in the business is the Star Diamond Potential. You see I value a thing called Freedom. Freedom to live a life by design. And not any design buy my own. I want to earn the type of income necessary to live a lifestyle my family enjoys and work the hours that I choose. Here's the mission of my team and the energy you can expect. Team Change takes pride and sees value in the journey taken to become happy, healthy, and reverse the trend of obesity. We understand and respect the struggle. We magnify each other's strengths and help strengthen our weaknesses. We use our strengths of encouragement, compassion, accountability, ambition, discipline and passion to inspire and motivate change for ourselves and others in thh direction of personal growth and financial freedom.  Being a Beachbody Coach is about creating a life that you'll love.  Being the healthiest version of yourself and helping others do the same. You cannot truly help others until you love and take care of yourself.
I can't tell you how strongly I believe in that.  I KNOW it to be true.  That we can all do great things and you can make amazing things happen in this business.  You can change the way health looks in your life, you can help people just like you work on getting healthier, while also helping others create financial freedom in their lives.  I've never seen a business like this in my life and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Want to apply to be a part of my team? First lets see if this is a good fit for you by filling out this application.      

Insulin Resistance Shrank My Boobs, But Now Their BACK!!

I have been dealing with my PCOS and Insulin Resistance Symptoms for some time now. I have successfully reversed symptoms and been able to lose weight by modifying my diet and exercising but am yet to have been able to get pregnant. Recently I decided to try a product to specifically address my Insulin Resistance. It is called Chiral Balance DCI (D-chiro-inolitol). I have been taking the supplements for about 3 weeks now. My periods have been regular for several months (exactly 30 days) but the one thing I have noticed is that my breasts are significantly larger. Not complaining but my first thought was "I'm pregnant". But I just finished my period so that's not it. Being the curious person I am, I needed answers and found that PCOS, which is caused by Insulin Resistance, has the following symptoms:
  •  Irregular or no menstrual periods (for women of reproductive age)
  • Irregular ovulation Acne Excess hair growth on the face and body
  • Thinning scalp hair or male pattern hair loss
  • Accumulation of un-ruptured follicles on the periphery of the ovaries (mislabeled as "cysts," often called polycystic ovaries)
  • Small breast size or underdeveloped breasts (hypoplastic breasts)
  • Deepening of the voice
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Dark or thick skin markings and creases around the armpits, groin, neck, and breasts due to insulin sensitivity
  • Obesity, weight gain (often centered around the waist), and/or inability to lose weight
  • Oily skin and/or persistent acne
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis
  • Skin tags
There is no known cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Instead, a variety of methods are used to manage symptoms. These may include:
  • Diet changes (limiting amounts of sugars and starches) to aid in insulin sensitivity
  • Weight loss
  • Hormone therapy through use of birth control pills
  • Medications to address insulin resistance, blood glucose levels, or fertility-related symptoms
  • Ovarian surgery ("drilling"), which is a temporary treatment to assist with the release of eggs
Of all the PCOS management methods, I have used Diet Changes and Weight Loss to treat my symptoms. I am against hormones. And now I am trying some medications to treat the insulin resistance. The medication I have chosen is DCI. So what this new side effect from the DCI supplement tells me is that it is effectively reversing my insulin resistance. Thus, my breasts are returning to their "natural form". Glorious! Hooray for boobies! bigger boobs Hope this is helpful in some way and I will share more results of the DCI supplements as I continue using them in conjunction with my beloved Shakeology and regular workouts (usually Brazil Buttlift or Chalean Extreme). So far, no bad side effects. Hoping for a bun in the oven in the next few months 🙂

Identify your personality “GEM” and work with your strengths

Dani Johnson's Gems Introduction: Have you ever noticed how there are some people you instantly connect with and really hit it off right from the moment you meet? And then there are those people you meet and no matter what you do or say, they just seem to rub you the wrong way? Or maybe you rub them the wrong way? Well it is likely because they simply have a very different personality type that you have yet to learn to communicate with. Its not about you as much as its about your ability to communicate with that particular person's personality. Dani Johnson is an amazing author that has done years of research , trial and error, and observation of practical human behavior. She learned through her efforts that there are four basic types of personalities, and everyone needs to speak the language of each personality type to excel in all areas of life. As a first step, you must identify your own personality type, or "GEM," and get comfortable with your own language. Once you understand your GEM type, you can learn to spot other GEMS quickly. Walk through these various scenarios and answer the questions honestly. Remember, the only right answer is an honest answer! Not all of these scenarios will apply to you perfectly, because we are all different. So just place a check mark next to the answer that is most appropriate or you feel best describes you. You may notice letters at the end of each option, ignore them while you are reading through, they are to score your test after you have completed it.  Scenario 1: You have received an item that needs to be assembled: 1.____ You read ALL the instructions first and take an inventory of all the parts. “D” 2.____ You throw the instructions off to the side and only look at the pictures. “A” 3.____ You don’t want to be a burden to anybody else so you assemble it alone, but it may take you longer than others to do so. “C” 4.____ You first grumble that it hasn’t already been assembled and you put it together really fast. You think the manufacturer made a mistake because now you have left over parts! You toss the parts; they were not needed. “B”   Scenario 2: When giving a gift: 1.____ You find something really nice, in fact so nice you decide to keep it for your self. You then go buy them something different. “B” 2.____ You purchase a fun gift that tells the story of an inside joke, or is just a complete gag gift. “A” 3.____ You make the gift yourself or purchase something and add your own personal touch. “C” 4.____ You may buy them a card or if you knew what they wanted, it was economical, and fit into your budget, you would make the purchase. “D”   Scenario 3: Hotel chains now place a card inside the hotel room that reads “Please save our water supply. If you would like your towels to be washed please place them on the floor.” Your response is: 1.____ You definitely follow the instructions and hang your towels after use. You want to do your part to save the environment. “C” 2.____ You read the card and analyze how sincere the hotel actually is. You hang up your towels, because you would never leave them on the floor. “D” 3.____ You will just throw the towel on the floor by default. You probably didn’t even realize there was a card in your room and you’re in a hurry anyway, so you’re out the door. “A” 4.____ You will say to yourself, “No, I paid a high price for this hotel room and I want the full service, including fresh clean towels.” “B”   Scenario 4: You are out with other people. When ordering from a menu at a restaurant: 1.____ You wait to order to see what everyone else orders first to ensure you order something different. That way, you can taste multiple unique things from the menu! “A” 2.____ You look at cost to value and ask yourself, “How much do I get for what price? What makes the most sense to buy?” “D” 3.____ You usually gravitate to the most expensive item on the menu because you want the best. You typically ask the server, “What is the best thing on your menu?” “B” 4.____ If someone else might be picking up the bill, you will choose the least expensive item. You tend to order the healthier option. “C”   Scenario 5: You are at dinner with your friends, the server seems stressed out because the restaurant is packed. When he/she delivers your food, you realize quickly he/she brought you the wrong dish: 1.____ Say nothing, it was an honest mistake, and you don’t want to further stress the poor server. “C” 2.____ As it is being delivered you say something immediately like, “Ah, I didn’t order this,” and in the back of your mind you think the server is obviously incompetent. “B” 3.____ Catch the server’s attention and send it back, and say that you would appreciate a discount on your check. “D” 4.____ Eat the meal, who knows, it might be better than what you ordered. You may make a comment to the server with no expectations and say something like, “It’s no problem, I’ll eat it anyway.” “A”    Scenario 6: When it comes to rules: 1.____ You think that everyone else’s rules are stupid. When it comes to the rules you invented, you believe everyone should follow them.  “Its my way or the highway” “B” 2.____ You will naturally follow the rules because you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or displease anyone. “C” 3.____ You believe that rules are meant to be broken. “A” 4.____ You believe that rules were meant to be followed. “D”    Scenario 7: Pick an occupation that most appeals to you: 1.____ You prefer to work directly with people, build relationships, and travel. “A” 2.____ You prefer to work with methods, systems, numbers, processes, and routines. “D” 3.____ You like what is challenging and makes the most money. “B” 4.____ You enjoy helping and serving people and working toward a great cause. “C”    Scenario 8: When it comes to sports: 1.____ If you can’t win then you won’t play, because winning is everything! “B” 2.____ You love to play team sports! If you don’t win it’s OK because you enjoyed playing the game with each other. “A” 3.____ You don’t exactly see the point in sports, you have a long task list and some research you would rather be doing. “D” 4.____ If you make me play, I’ll play, but please don’t hurt me and don’t scream at me and I really don’t care if we win. “C”   Scenario 9: When it comes to clothing: 1.____You wear clothes that are comfortable, breathable, non-binding. You also own a lot of old things that have been passed down from generation to generation because you are the family heirloom recipient. And you generally like earth tones. “C” 2.____ You are the person who wears something bright, trendy, fun, colorful, what’s hip, what’s hot now. You like funny clothes even with jokes on them. It doesn’t matter if anybody likes it; you like it. “A” 3.____ You wear the BEST, the most popular labels, the hottest-looking clothes. You put on the most expensive clothing and you dress to impress. You also wear a lot of black! “B” 4.____ You may have items in your closet that are more than 10 years old, still in good working order. And there is no point in replacing them, fashion repeats itself just like history. “D”   Scenario 10: When it comes to shoes: 1.____ You purchase quality shoes at a discounted price. Among your shoes, you’ve had many of them for a long time because you wear them until they wear out. “D” 2.____ You have a lot of comfortable slip-on shoes, something that is easy to get into and out of and great to wear all day. You probably love Birkenstocks and during the winter you may even wear them with socks. “C” 3.____ You have tons of shoes and none of them are boring. They are colorful, be dazzled, extreme, or something that always makes them a topic of conversation. Comfort is not the goal. “A” 4.____ You have a selection of top-of-the-line, brand-name shoes. (Several pairs in black) “B”   Scenario 11: When it comes to accessories: 1.____ You always have tons of accessories, mixing and matching different bracelets, rings, watches, and earrings (usually inexpensive, or fake). You may even have lots of visible tattoos and piercings. “A” 2.____ Your accessories are simple and you only wear maybe a watch and/or wedding band. It is tasteful. “D” 3.____ You are attracted to the best jewelry, the highest quality stones and metals.  Basically you want your jewelry to say I have more money than you (even if I don’t). “B” 4.____ You typically don’t wear a lot of jewelry, if you do it is handmade, or heirlooms that have been passed down and hold sentimental value. “C”   Scenario 12: Through your formal educational years: 1.____ You never got in trouble. You probably scored high in either math or science. You were neat and organized, everything was in its proper place. Your locker was also neat, organized, and even color coded! “D” 2.____ You heard ‘sit down and shut up’ often. You often got in trouble for being loud and tardy. “A” 3.____ You were the best at everything – well everything you chose to be the best at, because it’s silly to be the best at something that is not important. “B” 4.____ You were a compliant and quiet student who listened to most everything your teachers had to say. You worked diligently so that you wouldn’t disappoint your teachers and/or parents. “C”   Scenario 13: When it comes to your car: 1.____ You like a fun car that has really cool colors and the sound system is more expensive than the car itself. And you have a lot of stuff in my trunk that you have no idea what’s in there. You have candy wrappers and fast food wrappers underneath all the seats. If there is license and registration it is crumbled up in a ball somewhere. “A” 2.____ You like the best cars! Clean, sparkling, and capable of getting a lot of attention. It has to be a popular high-end brand name and it has to be expensive. It is the best of its class. “B” 3.____ You like a car with research behind it; it must be cost effective, get good gas mileage, and have longevity. A car must be clean and organized inside and out. The scheduled maintenance and tune-ups ensure the longevity of the vehicle. Everything must be in good working order. “D” 4.____ A car should be safe and good for the environment. Your cars in the past have had bumper stickers on the back and pictures of the kids inside. You always have tissues and wipes just in case. You know all the safety features. “C”   Scenario 14: When driving: 1.____ You drive slow, and will let everyone into your lane. You stop for pedestrians and will brake for animals in the road. “C” 2.____ You drive fast, honk the horn at cars and pedestrians. You tailgate, and you don’t heed the bike lane. “B” 3.____ You drive fast, talk/text, run yellow lights. Music is very loud. You didn’t even know there were pedestrians waiting to cross. “A” 4.____ You tend to obey the traffic signs and law. On the highway you may set your cruise control to the exact speed limit. It is illogical and insensible to pay for a traffic citation. “D”   Scenario 15: When packing to go out of town: 1.____ All of your clothes are thrown in unfolded with shoes on top of the clothes or in with the clothes. Your shampoos and toiletries are also thrown in with everything. “A” 2.____ You have one complete outfit for each day picked out in advance. All of your toiletries are in separate compartments. Everything is perfectly folded. “D” 3.____ You bring more clothes than what you need, and you pack at the last minute because you are so busy. However, you do keep your toiletries separate and shoes separate. Your bag is not so organized but you know what will look good and better than everybody else when you arrive. “B” 4.____ You bring very few cosmetics. You don’t have a bag that’s too heavy because “somebody else may have to lift this.” You always have a first-aid kit just in case somebody else needs a bandage. You also pack snacks! “C”   Scenario 16: When it comes to dating: 1.____ You are on time. You dressed appropriately for whatever the activity may be. “D” 2.____ You most likely go to a concert or out dancing, something that is active and fun! And you WILL be late because you changed your clothes 10 times because you didn’t know what you wanted to wear. “A” 3.____ You would go to an expensive restaurant. “B” 4.____ You enjoy a nice quiet restaurant that is not too expensive and has an organic flare to it. “C”   Scenario 17: When you are surrounded by children: 1.____ You are multi-tasking, holding a conversation as well as texting and emailing others at the same time. “B” 2____ Find most kids to be noisy and rambunctious and difficult to control. “D” 3.____ Will get out and play with the kids for hours! “A” 4.____ Suggest a nice quiet activity (like reading) and just enjoy spending time with them. “C”   Scenario 18: When it comes to money: 1.____ Impulse buyer, you don’t know where half of your money ends up. “A” 2.____ Splurges on expensive items, you tend to purchase items that are the best. “B” 3.____Not a huge spender, but you lend or give friends and family money and you may go with out because of it. “C” 4.____You know where every dime of your money ends up. You never impulse buy; every purchase is thought out thoroughly. “D”   Scenario 19: When setting goals: 1.____ Set dozens of lofty goals, you are a goal-setter and a go-getter. You tend to overfill your plate and will avoid failure at all cost. “B” 2.____ Assess first and establish practical goals. “D” 3.____ Volunteer to help other people fulfill their goals, you naturally find a need and fill it! “C” 4.____ Don’t set big goals, unless it is to have a good time. You love to start things, but rarely finish them. “A”   Scenario 20: When it comes to solving problems: 1.____ You are a verbal processor, you have to talk out your problems with someone. “A” 2.____ You come up with several scenarios, map each solution out and decide what the most efficient course of action would be. “D” 3.____ Fix it fast; you don’t have time to deal with problems. But you know your solution is the best possible answer. “B” 4.____ Become overwhelmed, seek out others for help. You don’t want to disappoint anybody. “C”   Scenario 21: An argument breaks out, you are the one who: 1.____ Probably started it (but you would never admit that).“B” 2.____ Will quiet down and stay out of it. “C” 3.____ Try to make light of it and attempt to change the subject. “A” 4.____ Have a valid argument and lay it out, even if it’s harsh. “D”   Scenario 22: If it’s a big decision: 1.____ Make quick decisions and often change them just as quickly. “A” 2.____ Never like making a decision, and quickly become stressed out. Especially if the decision could hurt people’s feelings. “C” 3.____ Consider all of the options and make the most logical choice. “D” 4.____ Make quick decisions. You aren’t afraid to make a tough decision and you disregard any obstacles in the way. “B”   Scenario 23: If there was a threat of a natural disaster in your area: 1.____ You are too busy to even think about the disaster. Why waste time concerning yourself with something that may never happen? If it actually did come to your area, you would quickly run out and grab supplies at the last minute. “B” 2.____ You already have your emergency kit ready, and have had it ready to go for years with enough food and fresh water to last your family several months. “D” 3.____ You have an emergency kit with a lot of excess food in case other people didn’t prepare; you also have extra flashlights and lots of bandages for everybody else. “C” 4.____ When you hear about the possibility, you run to the store and stock up on overly processed foods such as chips, donuts, beer, soda, and crackers. And make sure to grab a deck of cards. “A”   Scenario 24: Spring cleaning! You open your garage door: 1.____ There are boxes full of old knickknacks that have been there for years. You can’t bring yourself to throw them out. You know that others are in need so you find some older clothes and furniture to donate. “C” 2.____ Everything is already organized, pushed to one side, and stacked perfectly.  However, you take the time to implement a new color-coded labeling system on all the boxes. Red is for Christmas decorations, etc. “D” 3.____ Everything is everywhere, you can barely open the garage door; it is a disaster. Why clean it? You still always find what you need. “A” 4.____ Your garage is packed full of “stuff” and you are too busy to clean and organize it. You do a quick clean and shove boxes to one side so you can fit your new car in the garage. You may have thrown away some important family items, but who hangs on to stuff anyway? “B”   Scenario 25: You open your closet doors: 1.____ There is a place for everything. Your closet is organized with the hangers in the same direction and your clothes hang neatly from light to dark. “D” 2.____ A majority of the hangers are empty, most of your clothes are on the floor in your room. You are lucky if you find two socks that match. “A” 3.____ Not overly organized or sloppy, you are just too busy to organize it. But your clothes are hanging. “B” 4.____ Your closet is packed with hand me downs, a lot of neutral tones, and comfortable organic materials because you can’t throw anything out! “C”   Scenario 26: You are loading the dishwasher: 1.____ Load it full with food still encrusted on all the dishes, you don’t get to unloading it until the sink is full again of dirty dishes. You often ruin hand-wash only dishes and melt plastic ware by placing them in the high heat rack. “A” 2.____ Load it with crusty dishes, you don’t want to wait for it to be full to run it so you start the dishwasher when it is half-full most of the time. “B” 3.____ Load the dishwasher with pre-rinsed and scraped dishes, in an orderly manner with all of the silverware matched up in separate, designated areas. “D” 4____ Because conserving water and energy is important to you, you don’t run the dishwasher until it is totally full so you don’t have to run it that often. “C”   Scenario 27: Shopping at the grocery store: 1.____ Grab and go, the idea is to get out of the store as quickly as possible. “B” 2.____ Spend entirely too long in the grocery store, buy more than you intended and totally forget to buy the key items you originally went in for. “A” 3.____ Go straight for the organic section. “C” 4.____ Have a list, don’t buy anything that is not on the list, and shop the sales and look for discounts. “D”    Scenario 28: Friendships: 1.____ Have lots of friends; people love being around you! And you are constantly making new friends! You value relationships and keep in touch with people you have known for a very long time. “A” 2.____ You have a huge heart for your friends, and also maintain many long-term relationships. You are everyone’s best friend, but often your kindness gets taken advantage of. “C” 3.____ You attempt to change people, because they tend to let you down. You have a few close friends but it is hard to earn your trust. “D” 4.____ Everybody knows who you are, you make sure of that. Your closest friends are probably driven and ambitious like yourself (but not more than you). “B”   Scenario 29: When you are in a room full of people: 1.____ You will talk to every single person in the room, and comfortably. “A” 2.____ You size up everyone in the room, and immediately identify any competition. “B” 3.____ You find one person and connect really well, spending the whole night in a thoughtful conversation with them. “C” 4.____ You gravitate away from the main mass of people, sit back, and observe. “D”   Scenario 30: When talking on the phone: 1.____ You are aware of how much time you are dedicating to the call, being sure to ask all questions up front and end the conversation after all important information has been relayed. No reason to linger. “D” 2.____ Even if it is the cable guy, you talk for at least twenty minutes discussing your favorite TV shows and what you had for lunch. “A” 3.____ You don’t talk a lot, you mostly listen to the other person. You never end the conversation, you are available to them for as long as they need and answer all questions fully. “C” 4.____ You have a purpose for the conversation, and will stay on the phone long enough to make sure that purpose was accomplished. You will keep talking until the other person fully understands. The conversation ends with an action item. “B”   Scenario 31: Public Speaking: 1.____ You have everything written down, and explain or present the information in a step-by-step fashion, and tend to use a larger vocabulary. “D” 2.____ You avoid public speaking as much as possible. When forced you keep it short (if not slightly rushed sounding) and tend to be more soft-spoken. “C” 3.____ You probably should have made note cards but forgot. You are a very animated speaker, using your hands and swaying or walking around while you talk. It may not be the most organized and maybe you unintentionally leave out a few things but in general, you are always enthusiastic about the topic. “A” 4.____ You are a very confident public speaker, and aren’t afraid to be the first to present an idea. “B”   Scenario 32: In conversation with someone one-on-one: 1.____ You don’t talk loud and are more reserved. You tend to be the first to listen and the last to speak. “C” 2.____ You are pretty loud or animated (or both) when you get to talking to someone. “A” 3.____ You tend to talk in a rhythm, more monotone. You are not overly loud or soft-spoken. You like to ask questions in order to clarify. “D” 4.____ You tend to dominate the conversation. You are a direct communicator, and you emphasize what you think is BEST a lot. You’re opinionated and don’t like it if people disagree. “B”   Scenario 33: When visiting the zoo: 1.____ You make a beeline for the birds of prey and wildcat exhibits. In general, see what you want and then leave. “B” 2.____ You stop by every exhibit and feel a sadness for all the caged animals. And typically donate at every opportunity. “C” 3.____ You, as always, have the day planned out, and stop by each exhibit and catch every animal show in order of the map. You also pack snacks and water and don’t buy anything from inside the park; it is all overpriced. “D” 4.____ You don’t even look at the map, you bounce around the park to each exhibit sign as you see them. You make sure to buy the elephant swirly straw and some cotton candy. “A”  Scenario 34: Handshake: 1.____ You tend to offer a loose relaxed handshake and often use both hands to shake. “C” 2.____ You offer a firm quick handshake. “D” 3.____ You love an enthusiastic shake and tend to not let go, or you bypass the hand and offer a hug. “A” 4.____ You have a strong solid grip when you shake hands; you control when it ends. “B” Scenario 35: Keeping track of time: 1.____ Every clock in your house is set to the same time, down to the second. You are always on time. You are never late. “D” 2.____ You are so busy it is hard to keep track of time. You usually sacrifice eating and sleeping times to get things done. “B” 3.____ You try to be everywhere early; you don’t want to inconvenience anyone. However, it doesn’t always work out. “C” 4.____ If you do care about being on time, you set your watch 10-30 minutes ahead to help give you extra time, and still often find yourself late. You lose track of it quickly. “A”   Scenario 36: When home alone: 1.____ Pull out your home task list and begin completing things that need to get done, one by one. “D” 2.____ Pull out your laptop and continue working. “B” 3.____ Put on the TV, music, and call someone, all at the same time. “A” 4.____ Put on some relaxing music and sit down to rest for a bit, and maybe enjoy a cup of tea outside. “C”   Scenario 37: How you view people: 1.____ You find most people incompetent. “D” 2.____ You see the good in people. “A” 3____ You try to show them up, whoever it is. “B” 4.____ You do see the good in people, and will give them multiple chances – even if they have hurt you. “C”    Scenario 38: When at the doctor’s office: 1.____ You got there on time and you are frustrated if you are made to wait longer than a few minutes past your appointment time. “D” 2.____ You got there early and will wait patiently to see the doctor if he is running late. You understand some emergency may have come up that requires the doctor’s time. “C” 3.____ You showed up late and just hope they didn’t cancel your appointment. You get out your phone and start texting or make a call. You may even play a game on your phone. “A” 4.____ Chances are you were a couple minutes late, but act as if you were on time. If made to wait more than a reasonable amount of time, you confront the receptionist. If the doctor can’t make time for you, you are not going to sit around all day – she/he should just let you in or reschedule the appointment for a day when the doctor is less busy. “B” Scenario 39: Hair: 1.____ Your hair is always trendy, professional, and you paid a lot of money to maintain it (even if you are a guy). “B” 2.____ You love experimenting with funky colors, dreadlocks, a perm! Anything! “A” 3.____ You don’t want to damage your hair with harmful chemicals or processing.  Whatever is easy. You don’t pay attention much to styling. “C” 4.____ You tend to pick a hairstyle that does not require a lot of time to maintain it. You may have been going to the same barber/hair stylist for 20 years, and you rarely change your hair style. “D”   Scenario 40: Of these four choices, which option motivates you the most: 1.____ Serving others. “C” 2.____ Challenge and/or Money. “B” 3.____ Fun! “A” 4.____ Facts and figures. “D”   Congratulations on completing the assessment!   Great job. So…now what? Simply go back through the assessment and add up the number of items that corresponds to the letters A, B, C and D and enter those totals on the lines be low. As you’ve probably figured out, each letter corresponds to a specific GEM:   Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.34.28 AMA = Sapphire B = Ruby C = Pearl D = Emerald But hold on; you don’t get just one score; you get two. Everyone has a primary and a secondary GEM! So, if the highest total number of answers corresponds to the letter D, and the second highest number of answers corresponds to the letter B, you are an Emerald (Primary) and Ruby (Secondary).   Keep in mind that there are NO RIGHT ANSWERS or ‘GOOD’ GEMS™. Each GEM is excellent in its own right, with strengths and advantages that need to be recognized and honored to maximize communication! Scoring: A:__ B:__ C:__ D:__ WRAP-UP Now that you have completed the exercise, please let me introduce you to the four basic personality types, or GEMS™. Once you identify your own personality type, or “GEM,” and get comfortable with your own language, you will also spot other GEMS™ quickly. Being able to identify yourself and others will allow you to communicate more effectively and speak to others in their language. You will notice that both your personal and working relationships will become less stressful, more productive, and more fulfilling in every way. SAPPHIRES are motivated by fun! PEARLS are motivated by a cause. EMERALDS are motivated by facts and figures. RUBIES are motivated by a challenge and/or money. People have many different responses to the GEMS Personality Test. Some may have found the process of taking this test to be a bit uncomfortable, while others find that the results fit them accurately. Whatever your response, your feelings are valid and consistent with the GEMS Mastery. Emerald, you may have found this process imperfect as you analyzed each question and answer. Your greatest struggle was that the answer you had to choose did not describe you with the greatest accuracy. Emerald, remember the directions did say, “Pick the one that most accurately describes you,” not what perfectly describes you. Ruby, you have places to go, people to see, and a list that needed to be finished yesterday. Most Rubies have a tendency to skip or skim the instructions, which specifies that for the best results you should read ALL of the answers. You, on the other hand, read the answers until you had a “that’s me” moment, made your selection, and went on to the next question. Sapphire, after answering a few questions, your curiosity got the best of you and you began to count the pages to see how long the test was. You may have even experienced some slight perspiration as you saw the length of the test and found it intimidating or hard to focus. Due to your creative nature, there’s a good chance that you skipped around, instead of answering the question in the order presented. Pearl, you looked at the test and considered all four answers before making your choice (as you were instructed when you read through the introduction thoroughly). Though you may have been somewhat uneasy answering some very direct questions, you considered what fit you most and continued on. Each GEM is unique and special. As you move forward with this new self awareness, take note of GEM personality traits in others. You will find you have a new found respect for the individuality each person possesses and learn how to work with their traits instead of trying to make them work with yours.  

There are two times when a woman can gain Fat Cells

Did you know that there are two times in your life when you gain fat cells? I do not mean gain weight by filling fat cells, I mean actually acquiring additional cells which increases the amount of fat you can potentially store. These two times are when you are a child and when you are pregnant. both gain fat Ironically, it is when women are pregnant that they are the most likely to over eat. We simply say we are "Eating For 2". Well news flash, you are eating for like 1.2 people. That tiny person inside does not need its own 8 ounce steak and baked potato. In fact, a pregnant mother only really needs around 350-450 extra calories per day to support a growing fetus. Yet many women will give in to the temptation of excess food because there is an idea that it's ok because "I am pregnant". What they usually do not know is that they are not only packing on baby fat, they are adding additional fat cells and they will NEVER go away. You can lose fat, but the cells are with you for life. The other instance when we as humans develop fat cells is as children while we are developing. It is for this reason that childhood obesity is becoming such a problem. Many parents tell themselves that their child will grow into the extra pounds and struggle to say no when their child is crying for junk food. It is so much easier to just give in. What they do not realize is that they are allowing their child to gain extra fat cells. The extra cells will make weight gain more of an issue for the rest of the child's life. Again, any excess cells gained during this period are with you FOREVER. Thus making the likelihood of diabetes as an adult more likely. fat-cells This is all information I was shocked to hear and being that I am so informed when it comes to health and fitness and yet I did not know, I am compelled to share. Information is power so please share this. You may make post par-tum weight loss a lot easier for a future mommy out there or help a parent do what is best for their child. Saying no is hard but knowing that they are making their adult life better makes it easier.

Everyone has a trouble spot they focus on

Hakuna Mas Everyone has an area that they focus on and can't help but be borderline obsessed with. If its your thighs, then no matter how awesome your abs look, all you will see is the extra fat between your thighs or the fat above your knee caps. For me, it is definitely my legs and arms that I focus on. Nothing is more upsetting to me than putting on a shirt and it being too tight around the arms. You know what I am talking about, where your arms looks like a sausage being strangled. Yuck!!! None the less, I have had glorious arms in the past doing a workout called Chalean Extreme and over the past 8 months completely let myself go. My sexy arms are unfortunately gone.  Here is a snapshot of my arms 8 months ago.....sigh..... 🙁 But I am back on the Extreme Train and two weeks into the program. I take weekly photos of my arms because I am dying to see some change. I shared this photo on my Facebook while sharing that while I don't see the change yet, I know it is coming. I don't see change in my arms at all but everyone kept saying "Holy cow Jenn, look at your stomach though". 2 week progress I was soooo focused on my arms that I did not take a week one photo but quickly ran and took a week 2 photo of my abs and they were totally right. Check it out!!!! stomach The change is not huge but its totally there. I can see it!!!! So what has this taught me? It has taught me not to be so focused on just one thing. Women do this all the time with their weight but don't stop to measure themselves. They can literally be shedding tons of fat but since they are gaining muscle, the scale does not budge. Moving forward, I will look at everything and be grateful that change is coming. Maybe not as quickly as I would like or in the exact area that I would like just yet but its coming and in time, I will have my sexy arms and legs.  

First steps to start reversing PCOS symptoms

Baby Steps to reverse PCOS If you are like me and freaked out finding out you have PCOS, please know that it will be ok. And the fact that you found this article means that you are being proactive about it. For that, I seriously commend you. There is a lot of information out there so get informed. Google away. I personally chose the natural method of reversing my PCOS symptoms and did a ton of research. I continue to do research. Over a years time I lost 40 lbs and completely reversed my symptoms. I didn't have help from anyone in the beginning so I know what a struggle it is. I will take some of the guess work out and give you a short list of things you can start doing right now to get you on track toward reversing your PCOS symptoms. Here are my suggested first steps: 1 - Switch from the white versions of carbs like bread and pasta to the whole grain variety. 2 - If you don't eat fruit, start with 2 servings per day. But make sure to eat all fruit before 2pm. Here is more info on fruit. 3- If you don't eat veggies, start. And add a lot of them. Shoot for 6 servings of veggies per day. 4 - Cut out milk. It is best to cut out all dairy but these are first steps and milk has the highest amount of sugar so it has to go first. 5 - Cut out Sugar not from natural sources. This means candy, pastries, soda, etc. More info on Sugar 6 - If you drink, cut back to one day per week. More info on alcohol and weight loss. 6 - Add 20 minutes of any kind of exercise to your routine. This can be walking, bicycling, dancing, workout video, etc. Just move for 20 minutes every day. As time progresses, you will want to further modify your diet and incorporate more difficult workouts but you have to have a starting point. A less intense starting point will prevent you from getting overwhelmed right out the gate. Accept the failures you WILL have along the way and always get back on that horse. Lord knows I failed tons of times along my own journey but I NEVER gave up. Focus on small changes. The change you seek begins with you and your daily choices. Hang in there. If you would like some additional support, reach out to me on Facebook Here is another article with some more Do's and Dont's  with PCOS diet.

What is The 21 Day Fix? Does it really work?

The 21 Day fix is a workout routine combined with a portion control system that have been optimized and made super simple for anyone to follow. For starters, the workouts are 7 days per week for 3 weeks and only 30 minutes long. The daily workouts include: upper/lower body, cardio, yoga and Pilates. Workouts are broken down into 60 second intervals. You can do ANYTHING for 60 seconds. And of course there is a modifier. If you find you are having a hard time, just modify. It gets easier, promise. And now for the good stuff, the portion control system. Autumn Calabrese designed a color coded container system. Each container is a different color and size. The color is specific to the type of food like veggies for green or proteins for red. And the size is perfect for exactly one portion of that food. If you are allowed one protein, you fill the red container and that is your portion, easy peasy. Below is a list of approved foods for each colored container and there is even an ap available for your phone called "The  21 Day Fix Tracker" that I absolutely suggest yo download for 99 cents. It spells out what can go in each container as well. When on the Fix, your allotted containers depends on your weight and varies from 1,200 - 2,300 calories. Once you know exactly what your calorie intake will be, you can distribute your containers throughout the day and design a meal plan as you choose. I strongly suggest you shoot for 5-6 meals. And be proactive, don't just start checking off the containers as you eat them. Sit down and make a meal plan. This may take a little time up front but will actually save you money. I have cut my grocery bill in half, yes in HALF following the fix. I don't over buy anything and my portions are so much smaller. Here is an example meal plan to give you an idea of what a typical day can look like.   The next big thing you have to do is put the food on a plate. DO NOT eat right out of the container. Yes they are cute and convenient but the whole point of the portion control system is to train yourself what a normal portion looks like. So use the containers to measure and then arrange the food on a plate. This really helps train your brain so that when you are in a situation where you do not have your containers or are not on the fix, you have a good idea of how much food you should put on your plate. So follow this rule, MEASURE AND POUR. put on plate Want to take the fix to the next level, add Shakeology. Shakeology is your daily dose of dense nutrition and the healthiest meal of the day. And best of all it only accounts for one red container. That's right, just ONE!!!!!! Unlesss you add milk then it adds a yellow. Shakeology comes in 6 flavors and is loaded with everything you are missing. So make the commitment to yourself and give it a shot. With the Empty Bag policy, you have nothing to lose. Lastly, reap the rewards of all your hard work. These are true 21 day results from The 21 Day Fix. What more can be said, the Fix works. And it works because it masters and simplifies the hardest part of any diet program, THE DIET. The fix is not like other programs that severely restrict calories or have you eating only hot sauce and lemon juice or whatever all those other CRAZY diet fads are. You are eating real food and often. You are not hungry and you get in a killer workout that does not kill you. If you are looking for a starter program, this is it. I personally use it and strongly endorse it because it works.

The truth about Breast Cancer

Consuming-high-fat-diet The occurrence of breast cancer is growing at an astounding rate. I was aware but never gave it the attention it deserves until just a few weeks ago when my own mother told me she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And like many others I asked myself WHY???? Why is it that more women and even men are being diagnosed with cancer today compared to 50 years ago? The answer is in the food we consume and in our daily habits. breast-cancer-prevention-300x224 Have you ever thought that what you fork into your mouth can actually be making you sick? Well sadly it is very possible and very likely due to the lack of limitations and guidelines being set on the food industry today. Diet is thought to be responsible for 30% - 40% of all cancers. That being said there is no food that can solely prevent cancer. However there are some foods you can enjoy, others you need to avoid, and actions you can take daily to get your body the healthiest it can be, boost your immune system, and keep your risk of cancer as low as possible. Research has shown that getting a variety of nutrients from foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains will make you feel your best and fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to function properly and fight off diseases. Getting adequate nutrients is more difficult due to over-cropping in the united states so ensure to supplement where necessary. At the cellular level doctors have discovered that cancer is actually caused by  damaged DNA. And how is DNA damaged? Well pesticides for one will do the trick. So avoid food riddled with pesticides. When it comes to fruits and veggies, if it lasts abnormally long it is probably due to all the toxic garbage they put on it to keep the bugs from eating it. If a bug wont eat it, why should you? Scary thought right? So try and eat as organic as possible and always wash your fruits and vegetables. Research has also shown that a diet high in fat can lead to being overweight or obese which is a breast cancer risk factor. So avoid high fat foods and incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet. To maintain your weight, EXERCISE!!! Yes, we all say we plan to do it but we absolutely NEED to. Today's jobs are much more sedentary than they were 50 years ago and the lack of movement is increasing the inches around our waistline...and everywhere else for that matter. So get up and a bike, join a gym, get an at home workout video, DO SOMETHING!!!! And do it regularly. Once a day is not what the doctor ordered. Shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days per week. People like lists so here is a good list of things to do to get you on track to help not be another breast cancer statistic. Be proactive and take care of your body. To Do List: 1) Eat lots of veggies and fruits - More veggies than fruit and at least 5 cups per day. For fruit, try and stick to berries whenever possible. I personally drink Shakeology daily to get my daily dose of dense nutrition but find what works for you. Perhaps start growing a garden. 2) Limit Fat intake - Choose leaner options of meat like chicken breast or  turkey, limit dairy, and avoid fried at all cost. 3) EAT CLEAN - Avoid processed anything whenever possible. This is due to the high levels of salt and sugar in processed food. Processed food aids in weight gain, insulin resistance, and diabetes. ALL BAD!!!! So buy the whole chicken and whole cuts of meat. 4) Eat smaller portions more frequently. This means eating 5-6 small meals per day instead of 2-3 large ones. This will keep your blood sugar regulated and energy level high throughout the day. Energy is always a good thing. 5) Get a workout routine. It does not matter what it is but get your blood pumping. I personally use at home workout videos. If you want to go that route, shoot me a message on Facebook. images   Whether you have never had cancer, survived cancer, or currently have cancer, take care of yourself and others you love. Share this content with them and keep them informed. No one deserves this and there is so much we can do to fight it before a diagnosis. Make the changes necessary. I can do it, my mom can do it, and you can do it. BE THE CHANGE!!!!!