Las Vegas fitness Convention “Summit” was amazing

My trip to Las Vegas for the Beachbody Event "Summit" was amazing. Over 7,000 coaches attended the event. I have never been surrounded by so many amazing people at one time. All like minded with a love for fitness and helping others find the same passion. I got to meet the other coaches on my team and dance the night away at the elegant white party and after party on our last night. My feet totally hurt after! And as promised to myself, met my favorite Beachbody trainers Leandro Carvalho and Chalean Johnson. I think the highlight was working out in the MGM backlot with 7,000 other coaches! It was such a crazy view. People started dropping like flies an hour into the workout. But I pushed on through. I just ate it all up! Can't wait to find more amazing people to add to my team and take them next year! Great Weekend! See what it takes to be part of the Bombshell Dynasty. 20130625-162545.jpg 20130625-162555.jpg 20130625-162601.jpg 20130625-162639.jpg 20130625-162725.jpg

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    1. Haha, thanks Carol Ann. I almost peed when I ran into Leandro. I was just looking for a Brazil Butt Lift Tank and saw some crazy guy dancing and low and behold, LEANDRO! I gave him a huge hug and thanked him for helping me drop so much weight. Chalean is so freakin cute and small in person. I want to meet Sean T and Tony Horton next year!

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