My Fitness Team is kicking serious Butt – Love My Bombshells

This has been a great week for me and my Bombshell team! I rank advanced from Emerald coach to Ruby coach. I have been a beachbody coach for 3 months and Diamond is right around the corner. Jenn is Ruby Even more exciting is that my coach Sarah rank advanced to Emerald Coach. I am so proud of her. Sarah has been a coach for a month and is already building a great business. Her push for success and drive are inspiring. Sarah Emerald I have some serious leaders on my team that are really making things happen. I love my bombshells and the support we get from our up-line diamonds is amazing. Lindsay's coaches Moving forward I am focusing on following in the footsteps of my up-line coach Kati and on the constant lookout for potential Bomshells. Star

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