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What roles do you play and are you giving 100%?


I have several roles and each of them is equally important. At first you think “no way”, but each role is somehow related to and attributes to every other role. For instance, my role as a Business Woman contributes to my Engineering career because the personal development and team building I do as a Beachbody coach has rolled over into the way I conduct business as an Engineer. I am a better Engineer for it and it is reflecting in my paycheck, both engineering and Beachbody. My role as a Hard Core health conscious woman has attributed to the Fun Social Jenn because I look and feel better in my skin which allows me to feel more confident and outgoing. My dedication to being a good Furr Mommy and work ethic as an Electrical Engineer contribute to the health of my marriage because they are things that my husband admires about me and are at the core of why we fell in love. My role as a good wife contributes to my Beachbody Business because it keeps me focused. My husband is my partner. I count on the health of my marriage to keep me centered and on track. Otherwise my mind would wonder. It is important to identify all your roles and make sure you are giving 100% effort in all of them. If you slack off in one area because you do not find it as important as another, it will hurt your other roles whether you intend it to or not. There is a domino effect of failing in just one of your roles. Here is an example. Sometimes as people become parents, they begin to neglect their role as husband/wife. They are just trying to be an amazing mommy/daddy but being an amazing wife/husband is also very important especially since you are a role model for your children. Children learn what a healthy relationship looks like from YOU. If your marriage is not healthy, you will feel un appreciated and possibly depressed because at the end of the day children require lots of love and attention but don’t give it back until older. You are pretty much a slave to wiping drool and changing diapers for a few years. So if you are not receiving love and affection from your marriage partner this absolutely pours over into your job and friendships. It’s hard not to take it to work with you and with friends it’s likely all you can talk about or you are just not as social and fun because your mind is somewhere else. So be mindful of this domino effect and don’t take any role for granted and remember to be appreciative of the others in your life for the roles they play. Please share this so other people can be reminded as well.

Will A Grief Journal Help Me Let Go

My Good Boy Oliver "Ollie" 3 days before my 30th birthday I had to put down my precious dog Oliver after fighting pancreatitis for two weeks. He had been to many doctors trying to find out what was wrong with him as he had a lot of medical issues. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at 2 years old and was put on several seizure medications to try and keep the occurrence of his seizures to a minimum. That was pretty well controlled. Then he started getting very over weight from the seizure medications and was developing terrible rashes all over his belly. He also had hip dysplacia and two torn ACLs. It seemed as though the medical issues would not stop for my poor baby. I just kept spending small fortunes at the vet. I cherished him so much that it really was not an option. Well his last illness, pancreatitis, was the one that I could not overcome no matter how much money I spent. It cost me $15,000 for the two weeks he was in the hospital and I still lost him. This is one of the last pictures I took with him while visiting him at the hospital. last pic with ollie I was an emotional disaster losing him and my husband got me another puppy 3 days later on my birthday which I still have and love but the new puppy, Deuce, is no replacement for my Oliver. I am really struggling to let go. He died September 2nd 2013 and I still cry when I think about him. I am working now with a therapist and she has me writing in a Grief Journal. I have been dreading it because it is hard enough to think about him, let alone write in great length about my feelings about him. I just did my first few entries and totally lost it. And yet I do feel a little better. I started off pretty bad but seem to feel better as I continue. I am done writing for today but am hopeful that this helps me to let go of the pain. I don't want to let go of the memories of my good boy, just the pain of losing him. I hope putting my thoughts on paper and finally opening up about my grief helps me. I have kept the pain inside because I feel almost embarrassed that I am so upset over the loss of my dog. But I cannot help that I loved him so much. I feel like I lost a child. I don't have children so I cannot compare that love but I am incredibly broken. Perhaps people will find me ridiculous but I am just trying to feel better.

I renewed my vows 40 pounds thinner

I married my husband May 22, 2010. On the day of my wedding, I weighed 174 pounds and was wearing a size 10 dress that I had NO ROOM in. I did not feel fat on my wedding day. I absolutely felt beautiful but was uncomfortable in my skin. I just felt fluffy and toxic. I made no effort to lose weight for my wedding. In fact, I gained 8 pounds the year before my wedding day. On the day of my wedding, I tried on my dress and could not wear a bra because I as coming out of the top of my dress. None the less, I had an amazing photographer and felt beautiful on my wedding day. After all, I was marrying my highschool sweetheart so I was over the moon with happiness. A lot has changed since our wedding and here we are almost 4 years later and both my husband and I are 40 pounds thinner. Not only do we look incredibly different but we feel like completely different people. We are not the party animals we were four short years ago. We have new values and appreciation for our bodies, life, and each other. Never in a million years did I think I would become one of those people that worked out all the time and read personal development books. I mean come on...... I hated reading. But here we are, two completely different people. We like the people we are now. We love the people we have become and are more in love now than ever before. We decided to renew our vows because not only do we feel better in our skin, but we are new people. And these new people have different values and we felt it important to express those values through a marriage ceremony and re-commit ourselves to each other and our new life. Is it crazy that I actually had butterflies while looking out over the balcony at the site of my wedding renewal just minutes before saying my vows? Our wedding renewal took place Jan 23, 2014 and was very different than our original wedding. We chose to escape to Los Cabo Mexico and have a romantic beach wedding like I had always dreamed about. It was very intimate and the most romantic day of my life. I have never felt so beautiful. This time I was not wearing a super expensive dress. Instead I was wearing a short white cotton dress I picked up at the good will for three dollars. This wedding was not about a big party or lavish gifts. It was purely about us. It was perfect. After the ceremony, we had a beautiful dinner in a private bungalow on the beach with two amazing friends which also happen to be our Beachbody Coaches. How perfect that the very people that helped us find Beachbody and our new life are the same people to witness us renewing our marriage. Dinner was amazing and when we returned to our room, we found that the hotel had left petals on our bed and a drawn bath. I wont get into any further details but the night ended very well.

Las Vegas fitness Convention “Summit” was amazing

My trip to Las Vegas for the Beachbody Event "Summit" was amazing. Over 7,000 coaches attended the event. I have never been surrounded by so many amazing people at one time. All like minded with a love for fitness and helping others find the same passion. I got to meet the other coaches on my team and dance the night away at the elegant white party and after party on our last night. My feet totally hurt after! And as promised to myself, met my favorite Beachbody trainers Leandro Carvalho and Chalean Johnson. I think the highlight was working out in the MGM backlot with 7,000 other coaches! It was such a crazy view. People started dropping like flies an hour into the workout. But I pushed on through. I just ate it all up! Can't wait to find more amazing people to add to my team and take them next year! Great Weekend! See what it takes to be part of the Bombshell Dynasty. 20130625-162545.jpg 20130625-162555.jpg 20130625-162601.jpg 20130625-162639.jpg 20130625-162725.jpg