First steps to start reversing PCOS symptoms

Baby Steps to reverse PCOS If you are like me and freaked out finding out you have PCOS, please know that it will be ok. And the fact that you found this article means that you are being proactive about it. For that, I seriously commend you. There is a lot of information out there so get informed. Google away. I personally chose the natural method of reversing my PCOS symptoms and did a ton of research. I continue to do research. Over a years time I lost 40 lbs and completely reversed my symptoms. I didn't have help from anyone in the beginning so I know what a struggle it is. I will take some of the guess work out and give you a short list of things you can start doing right now to get you on track toward reversing your PCOS symptoms. Here are my suggested first steps: 1 - Switch from the white versions of carbs like bread and pasta to the whole grain variety. 2 - If you don't eat fruit, start with 2 servings per day. But make sure to eat all fruit before 2pm. Here is more info on fruit. 3- If you don't eat veggies, start. And add a lot of them. Shoot for 6 servings of veggies per day. 4 - Cut out milk. It is best to cut out all dairy but these are first steps and milk has the highest amount of sugar so it has to go first. 5 - Cut out Sugar not from natural sources. This means candy, pastries, soda, etc. More info on Sugar 6 - If you drink, cut back to one day per week. More info on alcohol and weight loss. 6 - Add 20 minutes of any kind of exercise to your routine. This can be walking, bicycling, dancing, workout video, etc. Just move for 20 minutes every day. As time progresses, you will want to further modify your diet and incorporate more difficult workouts but you have to have a starting point. A less intense starting point will prevent you from getting overwhelmed right out the gate. Accept the failures you WILL have along the way and always get back on that horse. Lord knows I failed tons of times along my own journey but I NEVER gave up. Focus on small changes. The change you seek begins with you and your daily choices. Hang in there. If you would like some additional support, reach out to me on Facebook Here is another article with some more Do's and Dont's  with PCOS diet.

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