My Meal Replacement Shake Makes My Hair Grow Like A Weed!

I started drinking my meal replacement shake, Shakeology, last year to help me lose weight and to reverse some of my medical problems and not only have I done both of those but my hair is getting crazy long. I think it has grown 12 inches this past year. I feel like Rapenzel. My hair is as long as my weight loss journey. Check it out! 20130820-122231.jpg

15 thoughts on “My Meal Replacement Shake Makes My Hair Grow Like A Weed!”

  1. WOW! Your hair looks SO beautiful. You do too, of course! 🙂
    Did you have the thin hair that accompanies PCOS? If so, you can’t even tell!
    Shakeology sounds temping the more and more I read about it.

    1. Yes, I got the thinning hair especially around my temples. I guess it is a little better. But my hair is way less greasy for sure. That I absolutely notice. And thank you for the compliments Carol. You are a sweet heart.

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