My Transformation

20130511-115935.jpg My results did not come over night and there were times that I honestly wanted to give up. But I stuck to my commitment to myself and it has really paid off in ways that I cannot even describe. A healthy body does not just look good but it feels good. It changes the way you view yourself and your life. Here is a breakdown of my transformation and what CHANGES I had to make to get there. Day 1 when I found out I had PCOS: Weight - 170 lbs Hips - 44 inches Thigh - 25 inches Waist - 31 inches I stuck to a whole food diet and learned how to eat in a way that balances your hormones so they help you lose weight instead of store it. I found the book "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels and read it cover to cover. After about 3 months: Weight - 157.6 lbs Hips - 41.8 inches Thigh - 24.5 inches Waist - 30.8 inches 15 lbs thinner,  I was feeling better and really getting motivated by the compliments and people noticing a difference. At this point I discovered Shakeology. I incorporated it as my breakfast every day and started the Brazilian butt Lift workout. After a few months I had the following result: Weight - 145 lbs Hips - 39.2 inches Thigh - 22.5 inches Waist - 29.5 inches I was down 25 lbs and literally at my high-school weight. I just knew I could do better and started insanity. After only a month of insanity I had the results: Weight - 139.6 lbs Hips - 38 inches Thigh - 22 inches Waist - 27.25 inches People were constantly asking me how I did it and what I was doing. At that point I became a Beachbody coach so I could share my story and help other people find the motivation to reach their health goals. I also started Chalean Extreme. I am still in the middle of the Chalean Extreme Program But here are my 30 day results: Check out my Story and how I found Beachbody.

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