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No more inner thigh rub and rash

I can honestly say the best part about my Beachbody transformation is that I no longer have "thigh rub". I know other ladies know what I am talking about. The days of having to use baby powder if I want to wear shorts or a skirt are gone! And On a hot day, baby powder only worked for a short while. I had to keep a travel size one in my backpack purse. Remember when those were in? Well it's when I was in high school over 10 years ago. I had thigh rub problems way back then. In fact, I don't remember it ever not being an issue. I remember days when I forgot baby powder and literally had scabs from the rubbing. I know I can't be the only person to experience this. But it is a thing of the past which I refuse to re-visit. I just picked these shorts up at the thrift store for $3 and they look and fit better than any of the $50 shorts I used to buy when I was "thicker". My body and wallet are both loving my transformation. Hard work pays off. And I can kiss the inner thigh rash days goodbye. Over anything else, for this I am most grateful. If you want to know how I did it, read My Story and learn about my Challenge Groups. 20131104-074754.jpg

There is no age limit to workout

For Mother's Day I bought my mom a Slim in 6 Challenge Pack which included the Slim in 6 workout DVD's, Shakeology, and a nutrition guide. She has since lost 3 inches around her waste and can Kayak 4 times farther than she could before. She is 56 years old and this is her first time doing strength training. She happens to be in town visiting and did a Chalean Extreme workout with me. I looked over and was shocked to see her doing push-ups on her toes just like me. I told her she could get on her knees and she said "it's ok, I can do it this way". GO MOM! So there is no age excuses allowed! People of all ages benefit from strength training.





Productive week for this Beachbody Coach

This has been one great week! My shakeology detox cleanse has helped me go 1 whole week without coffee, actually I had one cup. But tremendously better than the normal pot of coffee to myself every morning. And not one headache, thank god! Shakeology is my savior. My daily meals consist if 3 shakeology shakes and chicken wraps, lots if hot sauce of course! I also had a remarkable change in my skin this week. It turns out that all the damn coffee I have been drinking was causing my back to breakout. Glad that is going away. Also exciting is that the Beachbody Event "Summit" in Vegas is in a few short weeks and I found the perfect dress. A size 5 none the less. I still can't believe I was wearing a 12 this time last year. I have also been getting lots of feedback from my other coaches and customers that they too are looking and feeling great. Some have lost some serious lbs and inches! Those calls and messages make my day. So Looking back at the past week, I can honestly say that it was really great! 20130604-085127.jpg 20130604-085135.jpg 20130604-085149.jpg

Being sick and working out

So I have had a pretty nasty cold for a few days now. Today is the second day that I literally almost threw up during my workout. It starts with feeling really dizzy to the point that I can hardly hold myself up and then I just lean against my weight set for a few minutes to let it pass. I worked out almost 3 hours ago and still feel dizzy and nauseous when I eat. I am pretty sure it is not allergies but have heard that people can develop allergies as they age. I am drinking lots of water and drinking my shakeology every day. Some days I drink a few shakeology shakes because solid food just does not sound appetizing. This damn cold will not set me back in my workout. I have not missed a workout yet. In a little over a week, I start the lean phase of my Chalean Extreme workout. But this dizziness is something else. Has anyone else experienced this. And what do you do? And taking it easy on the couch is not an option. I am too OCD for that nonsense, sick or not.