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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 18 – helping PCOS & PMS symptoms

Ultimate Reset I am on day 18 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and have seen steady weight loss since Day 1. I started this process at 143.8 lbs. I am 5'6 so that is a totally healthy weight. The morning of day 17 I was 137.3 lbs. Today is day 18 and I am still 137.3 lbs. That being said, aunt flow started yesterday and is at her climax today. I usually gain about 3-4 lbs with my period from bloating and this happens every month.  So the fact that I am the exact same weight is a really good sign. My periods usually last 5 days so I will be done with it the day after I finish the reset.  I guess I will be completely flushed and detoxed. Nature's oil change, lol. I also did not experience any pre-menstrual spotting. I usually have spotting up to 7 days before my period of just brown discharge, sorry if TMI, but I did not have any this cycle. The second I saw spotting, I was full blown into my period within hours. Another great thing I have noticed with this period is that my cramps are very mild. I am notorious for crippling menstrual cramps but they are very mild......definitely not complaining.  I am also not breaking out like I normally do with my period. I know that all of the symptoms I normally experience with my period are driven by hormones and being that I have a predisposition to PCOS, they drive that too. So needless to say this is a fabulous bonus. What I can conclude from this is that either the detoxing or clean diet are regulating and correcting my hormones. It is likely both. I can't wait to see where I end up with my weight at the end of the Ultimate Reset. I took pictures, measurements, and weight on Day 1 so I will share after I am done. Ciao I have had quite the weight loss journey, click here to check it out

Productive week for this Beachbody Coach

This has been one great week! My shakeology detox cleanse has helped me go 1 whole week without coffee, actually I had one cup. But tremendously better than the normal pot of coffee to myself every morning. And not one headache, thank god! Shakeology is my savior. My daily meals consist if 3 shakeology shakes and chicken wraps, lots if hot sauce of course! I also had a remarkable change in my skin this week. It turns out that all the damn coffee I have been drinking was causing my back to breakout. Glad that is going away. Also exciting is that the Beachbody Event "Summit" in Vegas is in a few short weeks and I found the perfect dress. A size 5 none the less. I still can't believe I was wearing a 12 this time last year. I have also been getting lots of feedback from my other coaches and customers that they too are looking and feeling great. Some have lost some serious lbs and inches! Those calls and messages make my day. So Looking back at the past week, I can honestly say that it was really great! 20130604-085127.jpg 20130604-085135.jpg 20130604-085149.jpg