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Hot heels at a steal of a deal

Today was a great day at the good will. I found two lovely pairs of heels that fit perfect and are super comfortable. And you can't beat the price I paid just $10 each, woohoo! I totally scored. Love my bargain shopping. I picked then up at the goodwill on Beverly in West LA. I figured Out that the trick is to go to the Goodwill's in expensive neighborhoods. Everybody gives to the goodwill and if you want to get good stuff you got to go where the good stuff gets dropped off.



I take FREE clothes all day long

Not only do I refuse to spend more than $7 on a pair of jeans, I take FREE all day long. A good friend of mine wears the exact same size as me but she is a little more height challenged than me. So those extra inches got me a pair of jeans that fit perfect with my $5 Jessica Simpson heels. That's right, I absolutely shop at the good will. This started while I was losing weight and needed new work pants and refused to pay $60 for work jeans that I wouldn't fit in a few months because I was still losing weight. I started by getting work jeans at Walmart or Target but they were cheap, still cost $25, and fell apart. I wear workbooks as an engineer and am kinda tough with my work jeans. They need to be able to stand my job so I figured I would check out the good will. I found tons of jeans of really great quality. I am talking brands like: express, true religion, blue cult, Abercrombie, seven, etc. Anyone who knows clothes knows those range from $70-$300. All of a sudden my work jeans were cuter than my weekend jeans. Then the light came on! I have blown a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and really have nothing to show for it. I was done! My affair with the mall is DONE!