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Is Your Bad Attitude Making You Fat?

Disability in life We all know at least one person in our lives that just seems to have a bad attitude. And if you call them on it, they usually have an excuse related to something they "can't control" and therefore their attitude is justified. Well news flash, it is not ok to be a douche-bag.  And furthermore, it's their shitty attitude that is likely the root cause of their problems  in life, including their weight problems. Let me give three reasons to justify why I feel this way. Firstly, people with bad attitudes tend to be very stressed. Excess stress means excess cortisol which contributes to weight gain. The excess cortisol slows your metabolism causing more weight gain than you would normally experience if you were not so stressed. Stress also leads to cravings for more fatty, salty, and sugary foods. Clearly eating more of these foods causes additional weight gain. So instead of feeding into a bad attitude and allowing yourself to get overly stressed, work on stress management. Some great ways to manage stress are better time management, more sleep, and exercise. You are the only one that can stress yourself out. It may seem like it is outside sources and things happening "To YOU" but at the end of the day, you control how you react to these circumstances. Take ownership of your reactions. A second way a bad attitude makes you fat is through negativity. People that are pessimistic never seem to finish things because they are not goal oriented. For this reason, following a healthy eating plan, exercise routine, or committing to quitting smoking are rarely if ever accomplished by a pessimist. They just let that bad attitude take over and self defeat. They convince themselves it is either too hard or simply impossible and that they need to accept the circumstances they have been given.  They feel it is out of their control and take no ownership for their actions. A third way that a bad attitude makes you fat is through your relationships. That's right, the way you treat other people. People with a bad attitude tend to treat other people badly. For this reason they have few or no good, healthy, loving, or even professional relationships. A lack of healthy relationships is a leading cause of depression which comes with a whole lot of symptoms; none of which move you in the direction of good health. In fact, most the symptoms will contribute to additional weight gain. The top symptoms of depression are: loss of interest in favorite activities, sleep disturbances, fatigue, decreased energy, etc. It is this reason most that justifies having a good attitude because it is our relationships in life that are our driving force. They are what we live for. Yet people with bad attitudes don't recognize that it is their bad personality driving relationships away. They believe that people simply do not like them. They take no ownership of their interactions with others. To sum up my little rant on attitude, there are three key things that a person needs to take ownership of and be conscious of. Those three things are their Reactions, Actions, and Interactions. Please share with someone you think could use a little pep talk.